3rd Grade

Welcome Third Grade!

Third grade at Fox Ridge is an exciting year. We will read, discuss, and work with multiple genres. We will use reading increasingly as a tool for learning in all subject areas.  Students will use their reading and writing skills for research in science, as well as in social studies. Researching the lives of immigrants, Native Americans, and the history of St. Charles leads to a better understanding of our country’s history. Throughout the year, students will have many opportunities for the writing of functional text, poems, and multi-paragraph essays. Third grade mathematics is exciting as we will delve into many concepts, such as multiplication and division, while using hands-on, real world problem solving. When students have completed third grade science, they will have planned and conducted their own experiments, while having learned about rocks and minerals, mealworms, and floating and sinking. In all subject areas, third graders become more independent learners as they research, plan, discuss, and apply. We will learn, work, and have fun together. Third grade is truly an amazing year!

  Mrs. Gray Mrs. Zarring


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