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Fox Ridge Mission Statement

The Fox Ridge Community is dedicated to empowering each other and ensuring students become responsible, respectful, and contributing members of the world, who will reach their highest potential by thinking critically, communicating effectively, and acting with integrity.

Fox Ridge has received the Excellence Award for Exemplary Academic Performance!

Fox Ridge School is registered as a Bronze Level USDA Healtheir US School for its leadership in implementing a healthier school nutrition environment.

Birthday Treats at Fox Ridge

In an effort to promote wellness within our school community, we would like to remind parents not to send food items to school to celebrate birthdays. We do acknowledge all birthdays with a visit to the office and a birthday pencil.  In this way, we can celebrate birthdays without compromising the wellness of any of our students, many of whom have serious food allergies.

Outdoor Recess and Snow Reminders

We will be going outside for recess as long as it is not raining, the blacktop is safe for play and the temperature (with wind chill) is 0° and above.

Please remember:

  • Always dress for the weather.  Coats, hats, gloves or mittens, boots and snow pants are required to play outside in the snow.
  • If a student is not properly dressed to play in the snow, they may stay on the blacktop.  The goal is to keep students warm and dry.
  • When the blacktop is snow covered, students may stay on the cleared path.
  • No snow should ever be thrown!
  • Please be careful when playing outside and walking in the halls.  It may be slippery.
  • Brush snow off boots and outerwear before entering the building and wipe your feet on the mats.

In keeping with your character traits of responsibility and independence, students should check in the office on their own to check for forgotten winter clothing before going outside for recess.  The office will not call students to remind them.

Student Vacations & Homework (Pre-Arranged Absence Form)

We encourage you to take advantage of those days when students are not in school for family vacations whenever possible.  If you must take your child out of school for any reason, please notify the teacher and the office in writing using the Pre-Arranged Absence Form or call the attendance line at 331-228-2400.

Our curriculum is full of teacher-directed and interactive learning activities that cannot be duplicated by sending a packet of assignments in advance of classroom instruction.  It is unrealistic to ask teachers to write individual lesson plans for students who are traveling.  Please do not expect teachers to issue homework assignments before vacations.  We will make a reasonable effort to help students make up missed work upon their return, but please understand that most classroom experiences and projects simply cannot be made up individually.  The classroom teacher’s first responsibility is to the students who are here in school and then to those who are ill or absent for other unexpected and unavoidable reasons.

When your child returns to school, they will be expected to make up as much missed work as possible.  Some activities, particularly science projects, math explorations and group work, may not be able to be duplicated after the rest of the class has completed them.  In such cases, student progress will be assessed based on the work actually completed during the marking period.


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