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Learning Resource Center

Mission Statement
The Mission of the Learning Resource Center program is to provide students and staff with quality resources, guided access to information, and instruction in order to support the curriculum, enhance teaching, and foster a life long love of reading and learning in all students.

Check Out Policy
Books are checked out for two weeks and may be renewed. We do not charge fines for overdue materials; however, replacement costs will be charged for books that are damaged or lost.

Fox Ridge Learning Resource Center Program 

A Learning Resource Center (LRC) provides...

...a center for educational activity and service for students, staff, administrators and parents
...an area where media materials, equipment, and space are available
...informal, formal, and specialized instruction
...students and staff members with quality print, electronic and telecommunication resources
...guided access and instruction in the use of these resources
...support for all of the curriculum

When students complete their K-5 education in District 303 they have:

  • been exposed to a wide variety of literature in many different formats
  • become familiar with authors, illustrators and their works
  • learned to use electronic card catalog to locate materials
  • used a variety of electronic information resources
  • learned to select, evaluate, interpret, record and organize information
  • learned to present and communicate information in various formats
  • used work processing programs appropriate for their age
  • learned to use appropriate technology skills
Mrs. Reed
LRC Director

Mrs. Kapnick
LRC Assistant

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