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Promote a Love of Reading at Home!

Attention parents - you play a key role in your child's literacy development. Make reading time at home a habit.

  1. Set aside family reading time each day or several times per week

  2. Give gooks or magazines as gifts.

  3. Listen to audio books while driving in the car or relaxing at home.

  4. Allow your children to stay up 15 minutes later if they are reading.

  5. Engage your children in series books as the characters will become familiar.

  6. Play word games like Scrabble Flash, Blurt, Bananangrams and Apples to Apples Jr.

  7. Stash books where your children will be - in the care, intheir bedrooms, etc.

  8. Be a reading role model!

  9. Plan a book swap with your neighbors, friends and family members who have children the same age as yours

  10. Read the comics together from the newspaper
    (IRC, Elish-Piper, 2011)

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